Steve Polk was in a nostalgic mood and happily singing along to a song on the car radio.

“Strawberry woman…strawberry woman to me…”

His teenage son rolled his eyes.

“Um, Dad? That’s ‘More than a woman.’ Not ‘Strawberry woman.'”

“Eric, I’ve been singing this song for 30 years. I think I know the Bee Gees better than you.”

“Well, you’ve been singing it wrong for 30 years. I can prove it!”

“How in the world would you know? You weren’t even alive when that song came out.”

“I’m taking the History of Rock ‘n Roll in school. We’re studying disco music now,” Eric said, removing his iPhone from his pocket.

“I’m paying for a college class on the history of rock music?” Steve asked incredulously.

Eric started pressing a few keys. “Just let me do a quick lyric search by word on Boopsie.”

“Son, what’s Boopsie?”

As any dad can tell you, it’s a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment when your kid proves you wrong, even if it’s just song lyrics. Armed with Boopsie on his mobile phone, Eric was about to teach his dad a little something about music – and technology.

Boopsie is a fast mobile search available on any mobile device or PDA (BlackBerry, iPhone, Treo, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and more) – all for free. Using a quick-to-display interface and something called “smart prefix search,” users can get to what they want a whole lot faster.

Unlike traditional search engines, Boopsie begins to find results as soon as you enter the first letter of the first word, so there’s no waiting until the Enter key is pressed. As you enter more letters, Boopsie further refines the list of what it’s found.

Surprisingly, it takes just the first two or three letters of each word to narrow down what you’re looking for. That means less work for thumbs, and faster, more useful results. Boopsie’s slogan – ‘Type less, Find More’ says it all.

Eric simply launched Boopsie and opened the Yahoo!’s free music lyric search where he could search for songs by lyric, title, or artist. He first entered “stra woma be gees”, short for “Strawberry Woman Bee Gees.”

“No results for ‘Strawberry Woman’, Dad.”

“Your phone doesn’t know what it’s talking about!”

Next, Eric entered “mor tha wom be ge.” (Shorthand for “More Than a Woman Bee Gees”).

“Aha! ‘More Than a Woman!'” Eric held out his mobile phone triumphantly.

“Am I paying for that Boopsie thing too?”

“Nope. It’s free and it’s only the best music lyric search available. You can search for artists, find your favorite song lyrics, and even music videos. Boopsie turns mobile search into mobile find! It’s simply the best mobile search application and the only mobile search engine I use.”

“Hmm,” Steve grinned. “Your mom and I listened to that song a thousand times on her 8-track. We both had it wrong.”

“What’s an 8-track, Dad?”

TO DOWNLOAD BOOPSIE: Go to on any mobile phone or Text FIND to 41411

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