These ringtones include some of the most compelling, melodious and interesting sounds and music which the world is in love with. The makers of ringtones have spent much time and exercised great deal of creativity to come up with such music and sounds which lures the hearts of every person. They are soothing to the ears and bring a smile to your face. Sometimes they make you tap your feet while at other times they make you day dream.

Although all the latest mobile ringtones are very interesting but there are some that are particularly popular. They come in the formats such as mp3, real tones, midi etc. Amongst all these, the hottest ones include the music ringtones and the funny ringtones.

The music ringtones are much sought after by endless people around the world. They include all sorts of music collections, latest as well as classics. You can find theme music of various movies as well as songs in these ringtones. In the same way, you can find classical music, jazz, hip hop, rock, ballads, pop, disco and all other kinds of melodies in these ringtones. Since the formats which have now been introduced are very advanced, you will love to hear these ringtones which seem really true to life. Mp3 and polyphonic ringtones are particularly outstanding.

Other than the music ringtones, you must get some funny ringtones. This is another extremely popular genre of mobile ringtones which will truly delight you. They often surprise you with their unique ideas. You must have never heard a baby crying melodiously or a gun firing when someone tries to contact you. In the same way, there are scores of other ringtones such as imitations of the voices of celebrities and political personalities. How about George Bush informing you about your call or Bill Clinton asking you to pick up your cell phone? Such are the creative ringtones which make you laugh your head off. Man or woman laughing hilariously is another popular kind of ringtones in which you can find a lot of variety.

You can dedicate unique ringtones to different contacts and thus identify each with a particular funny ringtone. These ringtones can also be changed over time and be used when and how so ever you like. As the latest handsets come with lot of memory space you will not have any issue making an entire assortment of these ringtones. So wait no more and plunge into the world of popular ringtones now!

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