Would You Like To Create A Playlist For Your Party?

All my music is presently in CD format and steadily being uploaded onto a database. My database is there for you to browse and once booked you can pick which songs you want played. My music database currently has around 25,000 songs and is gradually growing, with my CD collection now being added.

Gareth…..If I left you to pick my music, what would you choose? What is your kind of music?

Well if I was to choose music for a wedding then I would have to say, a bit of……60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s pop/indie/dance, 2000′s party music.

My kind of music has to be 70′s disco. I love it!

But, enough of what I like. It’s your party and I promise to give you what YOU want. This is why I have a database. It’s there for you. You can completely customise and create a playlist. Pick and choose to your heart’s content. If you find that there is a song you want but you can’t find it in the database, don’t worry, I haven’t finished updating my database yet, so request it. As long as I have at least 7 days notice I should be able to get it. Failing that, if it’s a song that you really must have, then you are welcome to bring it along with you on an ipod, ipad, tablet, phone or any mp3 player.

Gareth was great – he provided quite last minute service for us that was excellent value. Being able to make all of the song requests via the online system was brilliant – it meant all our favourite tracks were played on the night, and we could add sogs that friends and family were requesting too.

Everyone has commented on how great Gareth was – I’ve certainly never seen such a packed dance floor for so long at a a wedding!

Thanks again!

Alexis Grosvenor


What Music Styles Does GJs Discos Cover?

The styles of music that I can cover are:- 50′s Rock N Roll, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and the 00′s. Also encompassing Rock N Roll, Swing, Jazz, Rock, Heavy Metal, Regae, Soul, Motown, Disco, Pop, Ska, Indie, R n B, Dance, Hardcore and all the popular cheese.

When it comes to logging in to your client account with me to create playlist, you will notice that there is limit as to how many you can choose. I have put a limit on this as there may not be enough time to play all your requests. I have limited each section to 15 songs. If you think of the average disco lasting 4 hours, 60 songs will be plenty. Usually you can only get in 15 songs an hour (average of 4 mins per song).

You can also invite your guests to take part and create playlist by giving them a link to your list. This is a great way to ensure that you are playing music that everyone will like and not just the music that you like. Especially if you have eclectic tastes.

You will also find a “do not play” list. This is great if you have songs that just drive you mad or remind you of things you would rather forget.

Please do remember that I don’t play music I want to hear, I can do that on my drive home. I will ALWAYS play what you ask for. That is my promise to you. I think this is something you may not find with many other DJ’s. I give you complete freedom to create playlist.

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