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Weddings Abroad
Weddings Abroad
Traditionally, people get
married in a church that is
very near where the
couple resides. There who
have money can try
something different such
as having the ceremony
done abroad.
There is some amount of
risk should this be done in
another country. This is
because the couple will
not be hands on
throughout the entire
wedding preparation. The
travel company will be working on the details but so those who want someone else to
handle it should make sure that these professionals are one of the best in the industry.
Most travel companies have a website where engaged couples can make inquiries. It
will be a good idea to ask for the names of a few clients in the past to find out how well
the firm performed during that event.
The rates for those who choose to have the wedding abroad will depend on the
country where this will be held. Some are much cheaper than others so the couple
should compare the prices first and see what is included in the package.
If the person is lucky, the travel company will frequently contact the client to make sure
that this will work for the wedding. This means the customer will have a say in certain
details such as the cake, décor and wardrobe. This will give the person a chance to
make certain decisions regarding the wedding.
A representative will also make sure that the marriage certificate and others
documents are in order before this takes place.
Most weddings abroad are done during weekdays. If the target date falls on a holiday,
chances are this will have to be rescheduled. The venue may be on the beach or in an
old church and couples are advised to inquire months in advance so that there is still a
slot available.
The ceremony itself may be done in the conducted in the native dialect or in English so this is also something that
the individual should check. It will really be awkward if the couple or the guests does not answer a single word
being said by the one officiating the event.
There are those who have planned wedding in the Bahamas only to be disrupted by a coming hurricane. This can
be avoided by also checking on the weather conditions to make sure Mother Nature will not ruin that special day.
Contingency measures must also be set in place in case something uncontrollable happens.
Most wedding invitations include mentioning the attire to be worn during the affair. It will be crazy to wear a formal
jacket and a long dress if this is done by the beach. This will look great if this was done in a castle or a church like
what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did in Italy.
In a tropical setting, the bride should wear a short sleeved or sleeveless dress. The groom will wear a short-
sleeved linen top.
Most engaged couples will be bringing along the outfits as part of the baggage. This could get ruined in the flight
so airline companies advise passengers to have this placed in a hard case.
There are two reasons why couples may decide to have the wedding done abroad. The first is because it is much
cheaper than doing it back home. The second is to only have close family and friends attend the event.
Surely some people who want to witness it can’t so the couple will have to decide whether or not to should the
expenses. Of course, this is also a great way to test if those people really care about the couple.
Some couples who are having a wedding abroad can still subscribe to a bridal registry especially if the newly weds
will be residing back home. Those who are planning to immigrate should probably mention in the invitation about
this so cash can be given instead.
Friends and family members may even shoulder certain expenses such as the tours or the flight there as a present
to the newly weds.
There are millions of people around the world who decide to get married either nearby or abroad. The decision
where this will be held will really depend on the budget allotted since this could put the couple in debt for the next
few years.
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