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Wedding Hairdo
Perfecting your Wedding
Your wedding day is a
grand day that you
would want to be in your
most beautiful
appearance. This is the
day that you would want
yourself to bloom and be
picture-ready. While the
motif, wedding flowers
and wedding gown are a
great consideration for
the wedding
preparations, one of the
concerns of most soon-
to-be-wives is their hairdos.
Through-out the years wedding hairstyles have changed. Wedding make-over
planners have invented and reinvented hairdos that would match the gowns and
the beauty of the brides. Whatever is the length or type of hair of the bride,
surely hairstylists would make a way how to make the most of the so called
women’s “crowning glory”.
How to wear your hair on your wedding day is a thing that must be carefully
considered. While you want to look elegant, being comfortable with your
wedding hairdo is also important. Remember that it must compliment your face
as well as your wedding gown.
Before the grand preparation you must have chosen the type of hairstyle you
want. You may ask your regular hairdresser to try on you a few of the hairdos
that you are choosing from. There is no harm is having your hair do a dry run or
a practice as long as there are no chemicals involved that may harm your hair
and ruin it in your wedding.
Having a short hair is not exactly a problem. Your hairdresser has the capability
to do miracles with your hair making it look longer and making more flexible for
any hairdo. Guests may not figure out the deception they get when looking at your beautiful hair.
You may try something different for your wedding but choose only hairstyles that would fit your face and
also wouldn’t shock your guests. Avoid hairstyles that need so much time to prepare. Remember that your
hair must stay in place for up to ten hours. The perfect hairstyle must endure the shoving of the veil and
being swung around at the dance floor by guests and friends who would want to hug and kiss you.
Classic Updo
For formal weddings, ladies with medium length of hair can have this hairdo. This is always a popular
choice of most brides. The pin-on ponytail or hair bun with a few strands of curls and twists of hair has a
very sophisticated look.
Modern Updo
With a softer and more romantic look, the modern updo is best for all lengths and textures of hair with the
help of tiaras, combs and hairpins.
Leaving it Long
Having the hair freely flow down is a popular hairdo for weddings whether it is a straight of a curly hair. For
a more formal look, the “half updo” can be used. To give accent to the hair, a headband may be used or a
few hairpins for a very simple but elegant look.
Short Styles
With the help of a few simple hair accessories, brides with short hairs can still look fresh, elegant and
lovely. A soft bob can be done with short hairs accented by a tiara, headband, barrettes. For most curly
and wavy hairs, brides may have the option of straightening their hair temporarily and doing the hairdo that
they prefer.
The hairstyles for the year 2007 is forecasted to be more relaxed and free flowing. It shows the free spirit
of the woman gliding through the aisles of the wedding halls. Instead of the conventional tiara and veil
combination, flowers will be worn at the temple. Long haired ladies will let loose their hairs that would flow
freely as they walk the aisle.
For short haired ladies, they can also have flowing locks through the help of lace front wigs that do have
natural looks that guests would never figure out that they are fake. Lace front wigs are commonly used by
celebrities. Lace front wigs are made of natural and synthetic hairs which are attached carefully to the hair.
There are a few helpful things that may also guide you in choosing your best wedding hairdo. You can look
into the internet for some demonstrations or you may look into published wedding and lifestyle magazines
featuring different wedding hairstyles. A few suggestions from friends and from your own partner may also
help you choose your style.
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