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Church Wedding
Church Wedding: A
Spiritual Union
A wedding church is where
a couple can get lawfully
married just like in a the
legal court. Appointed
individuals such as priest,
pastor or ministers are
licensed to administer
marriage ceremonies in
churches. Getting wedded
in a place of adoration,
means that the nuptial
ceremony will be well
thought of as a kind of
A wedding is a scared, worship service. Being one of the most memorable and vital
event in a lifetime, it is a couple's choice to celebrate it in a church. A traditional church
wedding adds up to the romance in the bride and groom's mood of having a more
meaningful exchange of vows. Pronouncement of the couple's love and commitment
before God, family members and friends strengthen the impact of the wedding ritual.
Modernization did not change the preference majority of the couples for a traditional
church wedding. The wedding ritual is usually done inside the Church premise at a day
chosen by the bride and groom with the approval of the priest or the minister or pastor.
In a religious setting, the family and friends of the bride and groom are formally
requested to witness the ceremony. A religious leader known to any of the couple
usually conducts the matrimonial rites. A maid of honor, bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid,
bestman, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers and ushers are present to help out
with the ceremony.
Preparing for a church wedding ceremony means asking God's blessings be bestowed
on the marriage and to sanctify it through bible readings and prayers. As taught in
religion classes the Lord has founded marriage. By inviting God to be present in a
wedding you are starting a marriage centered on Him. Surely, He is very much
pleased to join a couple in their marriage.
Planning a Church Wedding Service
Soon after the couple's engagement there is a need to with the officiating minister to make known the wedding
plans. Prior to the arrangement for the other preparations needed, the minister confirms the eligibility of the soon to
be bride and groom to marry in his church.
Majority of the weddings are premeditated a year or more earlier to avoid any conflict of schedule with other
weddings. It is during the months from May to October that couples choose a wedding date; an earlier confirmation
will be to their advantage. Early arrangement is likewise essential to have adequate time for the minister's
premarital counseling or any other classes or seminars if there are any.
Premarital Counseling
It is during the time of the counseling that practical information will be provided and given to assist the couple in
establishing and keeping the marriage for the rest of their earthly life. Non-member will be obliged to agree and
abide by the fundamental doctrines of marriage. Such principles are eligibility, consent from both of the parties, a
lifetime promise, a self-sacrificial love and care for the husband and the will to obey for the wife, and the
enrichment of their religious growth.
Wedding Music
A wedding worship service glorifies God, who establish marriage and sanctified it. The music, in that case, ought to
give glory to God and spiritually enlighten those in attendance.
A processional or recessional is the time when the couple is walking down the aisle with appropriate respect.
Religious hymns are more often favored.
The Wedding Ceremony
When the guests arrived in the church, the ushers lead them to the seat assigned to them. A booklet or flowers can
also be given to them. The relatives and friends of the bride and groom sit on the side respectively reserved for
them in the church.
The ritual may include marriage vows personally written by the bride and groom. Exchange of wedding rings to
symbolize the couple's never ending love and promise to each other. After they are pronounced husband and wife,
before their relatives and friends, the groom seal their unioin with a kiss.
Right after the ceremonial rites, the couple and the two principal witnesses will be ask over to sign the state-issued
marriage lisence and wedding register.As the couple leave the church rice or wheat is showered over them, this
being believed to mean fertility.
It can be said that in the midst of all the advancement brought about by this higly modern world, couples who
wished to enter the married life still prefer to choose the traditional church wedding. This just shows that brides and
grooms believed that they are not the sole participants in matrimonial ceremony. They are very much aware that
Somebody beyond the oficiating minister joins them and blessed them to shower them with the spiritual graces that
is necessary to strengthen their union.
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