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Las Vegas Wedding
Nine Helpful Tips that You
Should Know When
Getting Married in Sin City
Getting hitched in Las
Vegas is nothing ordinary.
It is a whole lot different
from the vanilla type
traditional weddings that
you have probably
attended. The Sin City
boasts more than 120,000
weddings every year
including actors and
actresses, famous
athletes, models and
singers. If you are
planning a Las Vegas
wedding, you’ll be at par with some of the celebrities who got married there like Dennis
Rodman and Carmen Elektra (1998) , Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford (1991), David
Cassidy and Kay Lenz (1977).
Most of the weddings that occur in Las Vegas are unplanned. The couples are
spontaneous and adventurous. But even if you are chasing love in a heartbeat, it is
important to remember the following things before finally tying the knot.
• Wedding date. There is always a great probability that your chosen wedding date
will be granted. Because there are numerous chapels abounding in Las Vegas, getting
married on any date is possible. However, when choosing a wedding date, do consider
the holidays. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day are favorites of a would-be bride or
groom. Although it is possible to get married on those days, you may have to fall in line
for several hours before exchanging vows.
• Location. You have a great variety of options when choosing for a location. Las
Vegas has chapels and churches. There are even hotel chapels. But if you are looking
for a more romantic wedding location you can try one of the following:
o The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. This will give you the once in a lifetime chance to say your “I do’s” in an
exquisite Parisian setting.
o Red Rock. About 20 miles from Las Vegas lay a brilliant red splash of sandstone that is a product of more than
500 million years of nature’s wonders. Red Rock will be a great backdrop to make any wedding spectacular.
o Lake Mead. Only 45 minutes from Las Vegas, Lake Mead offers the largest man-made dam in the Western
Hemisphere. There is nothing more romantic than exchanging vows on a boat as it glides through the water.
• Weather. Las Vegas has a lovely and sunny weather most of the year. However, the weather here can be
extremely hot and it can melt anything from make-up to cake icings. If you are planning a wedding here, check if
you can have the ceremony at night.
• Dress. Unless you already have a bridal gown or a tuxedo made for you before going to Las Vegas or have a
budget, you may want to consider renting an attire for the wedding. The prices range from $2000-$3000 and may
go higher depending on the style or brand of the dress. In choosing a gown, consider wearing sleeveless.
Temperatures can go as high as 100 degrees.
• Hair and Make-up. If you’re an out-of-towner and you’re just in Vegas to get married, you will probably want to
find a hairstylist prepare for the big day. Although hotels have salons within their property, you might also want to
try local salons. Just be sure to book your appointment ahead of time and to keep holidays and weekends in mind
to avoid getting late on your own wedding.
• Honeymoon. This all depends on your taste and your budget. You can choose among great hotels like the
Bellagio, Paris, Tropicana, Excalibur. Each offers different packages that can cater to almost anything that can
satisfy a newly wed.
• Marriage license. Although Vegas is known for quickie marriages, you still need a marriage license to get
married. Be sure you have all the legal requirements before the ceremony to avoid delay.
• Witnesses. If you’re one of those couples whose idol is Britney Spears and who decided to go on an unplanned
wedding, you might not have any guests in town to act as your witness at your ceremony. But don’t worry. Las
Vegas chapels always have someone ready to stand as your witness for that very important milestone in your life.
• Wedding Themes. If you’re in Vegas to have your wedding ceremony, you don’t necessarily need to have a
traditional ceremony. Sin City is the crazy wedding capital of the world, so why not make it a little wild and wacky.
Some of the available wedding themes include Elvis weddings, Gondola weddings, Pirate ship weddings and even
Star Trek weddings. It could be anything you can think of. It’s your wedding; you can do whatever you want.
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