Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting At The Savoy

Mood Lighting At The Savoy

Using lights to colour wash walls, ceilings or drapes is a very effective way of decorating a room or venue. This is usually known as wedding mood lights. Doing this can instantly change the atmosphere of a room into something warm and inviting.

I use flat profile LED par cans that are placed around the room. The joys of using LED’s are that they use a lot less power than the standard (old school bulb) par cans, and one of the main benefits is that they do not get hot. Which is fantastic news at weddings when there can be plenty of little ones running around!

Also, because they are LED, any colour can be chosen. We have the choice of any colour that the human eye can see. I control all of lights with a controller so this can be achieved. We can work together so that the colour of your venue can match that of your scheme. Because they are controlled during the day, the colour may be changed at any given time to suite the mood you require.

Most of the time many people tend to choose one static colour during the dinner, then maybe a softer colour during the first dance then into a colour fade or chase for the disco.

How Much Will It Cost For Mood Lighting?

Mood Lighting In Action

This is a video taken of my up-lighting in action during a band set. The lights are set to change colour to the beat of the music. This lighting was continued during my disco sets.

As you can see they look fantastic and provide a subtle and elegant way to light the room and dance floor. Using up-lighting to light the dance floor stops lights from shining in the eyes of dancers. However, disco lighting works very well along side these lights.

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Before Mood Lighting

After Mood Lighting

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